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Currently we deliver throughout the EU and Switzerland. If you are outside this area we can give you a personalized quote including adjusted shipping or customs costs. For more information, email us at

Logistics Questions

What can I buy in your store?

    At the moment you can buy all Vromton products online.

    How can I order?

      We are an online store, so all of our products (including kits) can be purchased online.

      What should I do when I can't pay?

        Sometimes this can be caused by the browser you are using. Please try changing it and see if it works better.

        The product I want is out of stock, what should I do?

          We try to keep our website up to date with our currently available products and please check back in the coming days.

          When will my order be delivered?

            When we send you a package, you will receive an email with the tracking number of the delivery company. Using it, you can track your package and know when to expect it. If we have to delay delivery for any reason, we will notify you by email.

            Will the ferment deteriorate during the shipping period?

              No, the ferments are freeze-dried, so they can stay at room temperature for a few days without deteriorating. As a precaution, we include ice packs if necessary. Make sure you store them properly as soon as you get them, i.e. in the refrigerator at +4°C.

              What are the storage conditions for vromton ferments?

                The ferments must be placed in the refrigerator upon receipt at +4°C. It is important to respect the Minimum Durability Date (DDM) indicated on your sachets (to be consumed preferably before...), the optimal functioning of the ferments after this date is not guaranteed.

                I am a craftsman/company, can you make me a personalized offer?

                Yes, simply email us your needs and contact details at and we will respond as quickly as possible. Depending on the size of the order, delays should be anticipated (allow at least 5 weeks).

                How can I contact you?

                You can send us a message via our online chat at or by email to

                Can I resell my vromtons made with your kit?

                Yes, each creation is unique! moreover, our objective being the democratization of vromton, we encourage anyone to share their creations as widely as possible, commercially or not. In this case, we invite you to call your creation “vromton” and to mention “made with the Vromton kit available on”. Don't forget to send us your best photos to be included in the Vromton Pantheon!

                Recipe Questions

                How long can I consume my vromton after maturing?

                It can be enjoyed as soon as it is completely white, it will then have a fresh and cheesy taste. Then like anything matured, the longer you wait, the more its taste and character will develop. We recommend that you consume your vromton within a maximum of 15 days after complete maturation and storage in its Camembert paper.


                The smell/color seems suspicious to me, what should I do?

                If there is a suspicious or unpleasant odor or abnormal color, do not consume your vromton. If mold other than white (black, orange, pink, etc.) appears, do not consume. Please inform us in this case by email or on our site chat with your photos.


                How do I know if my vromton is developing correctly?

                The vromton, before adorning itself with its beautiful white dress, originally has a cream color linked to cashew nuts. Then you will see a small white fuzz forming. It is the penicillium camemberti mushroom which begins to form its flowery rind and gives the typical taste of camembert. Depending on the humidity, some parts of the mushroom may turn brown or brown, especially on the edges of the crust. This is normal and does not pose a problem.


                Can children and pregnant women consume vromton?

                The vromtons are unpasteurized. Their consumption may pose a risk. Like any raw and unpasteurized product, there is a risk of poisoning that must be taken very seriously, which can be serious for people at risk and in particular pregnant women, their fetuses, babies and children, as well as for fragile people (e.g. example seniors) or immunocompromised. We therefore do not recommend that you consume vromton if you are a person at risk (children, pregnant women, elderly people, etc.).


                Is eating vromton more ecological?

                Your cashew nut vromton is much more ecological. It requires approximately 3 times fewer CO2 emissions than a cow's milk Camembert!* This is linked to the fact that much less cashew nuts are needed to produce a vromton than milk to produce a cow's milk Camembert. cow. In addition, part of the CO2 is absorbed by the cashew tree, the cashew tree.

                * 2.47 kg CO2 eq / kg for the cashew nut vromton compared to approximately 6.53 kg CO2 eq / kg for the cow's milk Camembert. source: Swiss vegan association (vegane gesellschaft Schweiz)

                Are your cashew nuts shelled manually?

                We do not currently sell cashew nuts, because it is a product that is easily found everywhere and whose price varies greatly: to limit the price of the kit and allow everyone to choose nuts suited to their needs. budget, we do not include them in the kit. But if this were to be the case one day, they will obviously be organic and mechanically shelled, without manual shelling.


                Are vromton ferments vegan?

                Yes, from the recipe to the ferments our mission is to offer an animal-free alternative to animal milk cheese. Our ferments are cultivated on a vegan basis.  

                My vromton has an incomplete bloomy crust, what should I do?

                It may happen, depending on the ripening conditions, that the flowery rind does not develop on the entire vromton. This is not a problem. If after 20 days you no longer observe any development, your vromton is over. You can still consume it if its appearance is consistent.

                I observed pink/blue/black mold on the surface of the vromton, what should I do?

                In this case, do not consume your vromtons, even after removing the mold in question. Like any natural, raw and unpasteurized fermented product, it can happen that “bad” bacteria develop. These do not come from the ferments, controlled in laboratories, but from the natural environment (kitchen or refrigerator for example) or are brought to the vromton during manipulations. This is why we insist on hygiene and recommend impeccable hygiene to users of the vromton kit when tasting products made with the vromton kit (as with any homemade culinary preparation), during the preparation and refining of vromtons. and during their tasting (disinfection of work surfaces, utensils, hand washing, etc.). If this happens, please contact us at with your photos. We remind you that the kit is only a fun experience and that consumption involves a risk which is the full responsibility of the Customers.

                Making my vromton with your kit is too expensive

                Buying the vromton kit is an investment that quickly pays off compared to purchasing commercially available plant-based products. On average, making your vromtons costs you 3x less and you will have already saved €7 on the first use and around €30 on your second use. Your investment is then profitable from the second use of the kit. It is possible to save more than €100 from your 5th production, and more than €200 from the 10th (depending on the price of raw materials in 2022).

                Vromton being only a fun experience to do at home, consumption remains the responsibility of the customers, like any product made “homemade”. Find the complete conditions on our General Terms and Conditions. For any questions about the development of your vromtons, contact us by email at .